Past Orangutan Caring Week Themes

2022 Theme

Orangutan Superheroes Don't Wear Capes

2021 Theme

Respecting Nature to Save Orangutans, Biodiversity & Our Collective Future.

2020 Theme

Protecting Biodiversity for a Healthy Planet.

2019 Theme

Respecting the Rights of Critically Endangered Species.

2018 Theme

Valuing Orangutans Over Profits to Avoid Extinction.

2017 Theme

Act Now to Preserve the Future.

2016 Theme

Critically Endangered, Critically in Need.

2015 Theme

Working Together Toward Sustainable Solutions.

2014 Theme

Sincere Commitment Through Positive Action.

2013 Theme

United to Fight the Extinction of the Orangutan.

2012 Theme

Safeguarding Habitat for a Secure Future.

2011 Theme

Reaching Out Far and Wide.

2010 Theme

Back to Green.

2009 Theme

Planting Trees to Increase Future Habitat for the Orangutan.

2008 Theme

Working Together to Save the Orangutan and the Rainforest.

2007 Theme

Expressing Concern for Orangutans through the Arts and Sciences.

Orangutan caring week is a worldwide event held annually every november.

    It began as Orangutan Awareness Week but it soon became apparent that just being aware of the plight of orangutans was not enough. We need to care...and care enough to be moved to action to save these incredible red-haired apes and their rainforest homes

If ever there was a time to care,
that time is now!

Time is running out! The IUCN Red List has all three species of orangutans listed as CR - Critically Endangered with populations decreasing.