What Can I do to Help Orangutans ?

Get involved with orangutan organizations that raise awareness and funds to support orangutan and forest conservation activities in Sumatra and Borneo.
Support those working to help orangutans and their rainforest homes through donations, adoptions, tree plantings, etc. Visit your favorite organizations websites for information on how you can help.

Below are some suggestions for events and activities that you can do during Orangutan Caring Week:

  • Share information and pictures via social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Be sure to 'Like' the World Orangutan Events Facebook page.
  • Initiate an information booth/table at a local event or venue. Zoos and animal facilities are a great venue to reach a lot of people. Ask your zoo's zookeeper or volunteer groups to host an event. Set up a table at a local mall. For downloads, ideas and links, check out  the Orangutan Species Survival Plan (SSP) Education page.
  • Educate with slide shows/videos at local schools, church and civic organizations. Deliver a public lecture at a local library. 
  • Conduct fundraising events to support an orangutan organization. Have a bake sale at school or work. Put a donation jar on your desk at work with all proceeds to adopt an orangutan on behalf of your company.
  • Facebook makes is easy to start a fundraiser for your favorite non-profit or set up a donation webpage on one of the fundraising sites like Crowdrise.com/  or gofundme.com.
  • Encourage local school involvement by adopting an orangutan (school classes or individuals) or specific fundraising by classes. Many organizations have orangutan adoption programs.
  • Host a movie night at your school or home to help educate and spread awareness. Sell popcorn and candy with proceeds going to help support your favorite conservation group.
  • Learn about the Palm Oil crisis and start a letter writing or postcard campaign. Write to companies that use palm oil in your favorite products and encourage them to source sustainable palm oil into their supply chain as soon as possible. (sample letters here: Sample Palm Oil Letter  and Palm Oil Postcard.pdf
  • Collect signatures for petitions that support orangutan issues - or create your own on one of the many petition sites.
  • Promote forest restoration by adopting an acre of forest or tree plantings with organizations that have such programs.
  • Give yourself, a friend, or a family member a birthday party and instead of gifts ask for donations to a support orangutan conservation organizations – or buy a virtual adoption through an orangutan conservation group of one of the many orangutan orphans at one of the rescue and rehabilitation centers throughout Indonesia.
  • Go on an ecotour trip to Sumatra or Borneo to see orangutans in the wild or ethically volunteer with one of the groups working to help save orangutans. You'll be inspired!
  • Share your ideas and photos with others on the World Orangutan Events Facebook page.

There's a lot you can do to help!

awareness events

Setting up tables at a zoo, fair, farmer's market, school...is a really fun way to educate!

bake sales

Have a bake sale at your school or office to raise funds to adopt an orphaned or displaced orangutan or to plant trees.


Put a donation jar on your desk or at local businesses. Start a fundraiser on social media. Donate to your favorite orangutan organization.

shout out!

Educate and inspire by sharing your passion for orangutans on social media through posts, photos and videos.